Playing the game

During the beginning of a turn, a player ends their travel by moving their character figure to the location of their travel marker. The player then decides to either take an event card from the eventdeck or to gain income from their settlements and production buildings they occupy.

The player may now perfom an action in the area they are standing on. Once per turn a player may chose to search a mountain-/or forest tile to find monsters or treasures. A player’s turn is finished once they place the travel marker on an adjacent terrain tile to start a travel.

When this player starts their next turn, they will arrive at the marked terrain tile. The game is finished once one of the players has won the game by collecting winning points.


It is uneasy times and the world is still healing from the great war. The kingdoms
have suffered great losses and countless lives have been wasted. Big parts of the
civilized world have been turned into wastelands. These areas, where humans once lived, are now crawling with bandit-gangs, mystical cults and creatures, never seen by human eyes.

In a desperate attempt to regain dominance, the kingdoms of the world are seeking help from adventurers, pioneers and monster slayers. These individuals are on a mission to rebuild the world of men, a dangerous quest with enormous fortunes to the ones who succeed.

Across the gray sea, the fog has lifted, and undiscovered lands awaits. Settlers from all over the world now set sail towards the unknown. You are but one of those who seek to tame the wilds and many obstacles stand in your way.

For the many brave souls who have tried to map this dangerous place have realized:

Here be Dragons…

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